Movie filming in my apartment

Over the weekend my friend Josh Clayton filmed some shots for his movie “The Virgins” in my apartment.  I took some pictures of the filming process.
Filming for "The Virgins"
Here’s Josh and his director of photography, Aravind, setting up for a shot in the living room.
Filming for "The Virgins"
Here’s everyone in my kitchen, talking as the camera and lights are set up.
Filming for "The Virgins"
Here’s the set up in the kitchen for a shot being done in the living room.
All together, it was a very interesting experience to see how the cast and crew interacted. Josh seemed to be very laid back with his cast and crew, and it seemed to work well for that group of people. It took about 4 hours for them to film a couple of minutes worth of the movie. But there were 7 different shots which each required set up time, so it doesn’t seem like it took that long.

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