Blogging here, there, and everywhere!

In addition to this blog, I am now (at least occasionally) blogging on two other blogs out there in the world: Southern Sources and BlueNC.  They’re both very different, obviously: Southern Sources is the blog of the Southern Historical Collection, where I work as a manuscripts processor.  Things posted there are probably going to be specifically about collections, programs, and other things that the Southern Historical Collection is doing.  BlueNC, on the other hand, is a community blog for Democrats in North Carolina.  I’ve only written two posts there, but if I have more political things to say, I’m going to say them there and not at a bigger site like Daily Kos.  I like reading Daily Kos still, but posting my own things there is not very worthwhile.  Anything that I write just gets taking off the recently updated board quickly, never to be seen again, and I don’t write enough or well enough to develop a loyal following of readers.  I think I might crosspost most of what I write on the other websites too, or somehow link to them.  But we’ll see.