Finally up and running

Alright. I’ve finally got my new Wordpress site up and running. I switched from Drupal to Wordpress because Wordpress looks better, and it does the things I want to do built in instead of having to work at it for a long time with Drupal. Drupal’s a great piece of software, but its not what I need right now. Its actually kind of similar to my switch from Debian to Ubuntu. I really liked Debian, but I finally got sick of taking hours to do the things that Ubuntu does built in. Yeah, I’m sacrificing some freedom, but its mine to sacrifice. But yeah. I had to install Wordpress three different times, because I’m bad at life. The first time I installed it on my Debian server, but I had somehow borked up my MySQL and couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I just installed a Ubuntu server. Then I got everything up and running and working well, until I changed an option that tried to redirect everything to, which isn’t supported right now(although I’m trying to fix that).