Last permanent name

The name of this blog, “Last Temporary Name,” was a play on the fact that I could never decide on what to name this blog.  It didn’t help that I didn’t have a focus for the blog, so a title wouldn’t really be forthcoming.  Now that I am in library school, attempting to become an archivist, my blog has taken a turn towards archival issues, when I decide to post.  Therefore, I am going to give it an archival name.  This will be the last time I change the name of my blog, I promise. The new name is going to be “Among Other Items”, which is a saying that we use here at UNC in our finding aids to describe things that aren’t important enough to make it up to the series level scopecontent note or the collection level scopecontent note.  But that’s it. Now I’m stuck with this name for a long time, because I’m not allowing myself to change it again.