Life without TV

I’m actually kinda of surprised how much I haven’t minded living without TV. I got ride of my cable TV about a week ago now, and about the only thing I really miss is being able to easily watch live sports. But even with that, I’ve actually been watching a lot more soccer than I used to. The websites that I use to view streaming tv have a lot of non-American people on them, and so they post streams of soccer matches from all over the world in all sorts of languages. So, for example, I watched the Iraq-South Africa soccer match from the Confederations Cup in Arabic. I’ve also been listening to a lot more music, but that might also be because I’ve gotten so much good new music recently, such as Midtown Dickens, Lost in the Trees, and Holy Ghost Tent Revival. But other than that, I really don’t miss it at all. I can watch most of what I want to watch online 12 hours later, like Daily Show or Conan O’Brien. The same will happen when regular TV comes back on in the fall. There are only a few shows that I absolutely must stay up with… for the rest of them, I can catch them or not, its not really a big deal. As John Prine said in “Spanish Pipedream,” blow up your tv.