Mill Mountain Coffee

Christi and I went to Mill Mountain Coffee yesterday, which is a local chain of coffee shops in the Roanoke/New River Valley area.  The tea experience that I had at the one in Blacksburg was interesting.  They had a wide selection of tea, including white tea.  However, when I asked what kind of white tea they had, the lady behind the counter said “oh, its just the regular kind."…  There isn’t a “regular” kind of white tea; they’re all named based on the province and the quality of the tea.  The term “white tea” just a term that describes how a tea was processed. Then when I got my tea, it was served with the leaves floating loose in the pot itself.  This is a great way to brew tea leaves, but they didn’t give me a way to stop the tea leaves from steeping once their time was up. (They also didn’t tell me how long to steep them for, but since I ordered white tea maybe they figured I would know.)  So I had to go get a fork and pluck out as many of the leaves as I could.  The second time I steeped my leaves, I got another tea pot so I could just pour the steeped tea into the empty teapot, leaving the leaves in the first one.  Thats what you’re supposed to do, but I only thought of it the second time around.  All and all it was a fairly good experience, but still a little offputting the way they dealt with the tea.


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