Possible masters paper topic

I’m thinking of writing my master’s paper about Web 2.0 technologies and archives.  I don’t really have it narrowed down any further than that yet, although by the middle to end of the summer I’m going to need to.  I’m taking research methods in the fall, and so it is recommended that I have my topic in mind going into that class, so that by the end of it I will have a full master’s paper proposal ready to go and start working on in my last semester. I should probably focus on one sort of Web 2.0 technology: blogging, flickr, facebook and twitter all come to mind.  Perhaps some others are out there that people are using, but I think those four are four of the main ones that are out there right now.  I think what I’m going to start doing is create a category for each of those in Zotero and start plugging in articles I find along the way.  Then, when it comes to the end of the summer I’ll be able to really see how much information there is out there, and hopefully one or more of those articles will spark an inspiration for a study that I can perform.