Projector and cable television

So I got a projector today! Hurray! I got it from UNC’s surplus warehouse, which is where they take all sorts of things when they are no longer used in the office form which they came. You can find all sorts of things there, such as old laptops, computers, monitors, projectors, lockers, tables, chairs, microfilm readers, satellite dishes, cell phones, blinds, and all sorts of other things. I got there at 8am this morning, and there was a crowd of people waiting outside the door. When it opened, four guys rushed in under the lifting garage door and ran for the electronics section, picking up cell phones and cell phone accessories, as well as some other things. My only guess is that they might be reselling these things for a higher cost. However, I made a beeline for the electronics section, saw a projector, and picked it up immediately. Once some of the people had left and it was a little more calm, I went up to the desk and asked if they would hold it for me while I got some money from an ATM. They did, I came back, and drove off with a projector for 75 bucks! Now that I have this projector, I am seriously considering dropping my cable television and just using rabbit ears and my internet/projector to watch all of the shows that I care to watch. It’d save me like 40 bucks a month based on my current bill, and even more than that considering my special deal ends in August and my rate would go up even more.