Unlike a lot of people, I often rewatch tv shows that I’ve seen before and reread old books that I’ve read many times before.  I have friends who, once they’ve seen an episode of a show or have read a book, they never want to go back to it.  They’ll want to watch something else instead of rewatch something they’ve already seen.  Now, a lot of the time, thats because the tv show that they are thinking about rewatching isn’t very good and its just popped up on some syndicated channel. But right now I’m going through rewatching The West Wing and rereading Questionable Content.  I’ve watched/read the entire run of both of these things at least once, and now I’m doing it again.  With QC, it at least makes a little bit of sense; the webcomic is still ongoing and so its sometimes helpful to get reacquainted with the backstory.  I probably didn’t need to start all the way at the beginning, though.  With The West Wing, however, I’m just rewatching it because its really good. The list of books that I reread on a regular basis isn’t very long: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert Heinlein; Foundation, by Isaac Asimov; Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.  Those are the main three, I guess, although I’m sure there are others that I’m forgetting right now, since I haven’t reread them in too long.  And all three of them are due for a rereading.  So I think I’ll just have to go put them in my Goodreads queue.