Thumbs and Weddings

Tire Discounters Sign My friend Matt and I saw this sign one day in Cincinnati. Its a sign from Tire Discounters, a local tire chain; they always have bizarre signs that are usually related to some sort of ad campaign that they’re running. However, one time, they had this sign up. I have no idea what its talking about or what it means. I mean, thumbs. You know, the things that make us better than most animals, besides our brains. This weekend, Christi and I went to my friend Alex Mills’ wedding. It was in the Wren Chapel, and it was a short and lovely service. I think that the only time God was mentioned was in the final benediction, which was an old Irish blessing; however, it wasn’t that one that goes “The Lord bless you and keep you…” It was very nice. After the wedding, which only lasted 15 minutes, we went to the reception, which was held at Two Rivers Country Club. It was way out on Route 5 in Williamsburg. We got to hang out with Kate Major and her fiancee Noah, who I haven’t seen in awhile. We drove back today, after staying one night in Williamsburg.