So my girlfriend is her this weekend from Virginia, huzzah!  This morning we went on a brisk walk down a trail near my apartment.  I think its stuff like this that I need to do to keep exercising on a regular basis.  I like going to the gym better than just running outside; I feel like I can run farther and its easier to listen to music and such distractions in the gym.  For me, its hard to get to the gym since I don’t live on campus; I either need to go when I can park on campus or I have to bring a bag and clothes and shower in the showers there.  Neither of these options are really appealing to me, although I drive there more often than I bring my clothes.  There’s a comment on American society there, but I’m just going to leave that one alone.  So I think a brisk walk/jog in the morning is a good addition and it will keep me from just doing nothing and losing anything that I may be trying to build up by going to the gym.  It also helps that Christi is here, because I much prefer working out with someone; it encourages me.