I Enjoy Archives Vendor Spam

I enjoy getting spam from archives vendors. I’m not really sure how they get my contact information (does SAA sell it or is it unknowingly harvested?), but its still enjoyable nonetheless.  Here is another one for your consideration: Dear Benjamin S. Bromley, Below is some quick information about how our complementary Wantlist program is helping archivists and Fortune 500 collection managers handle their collections smarter. I know that your time is precious. You probably spend a number of hours tracking auction results and looking for appropriate new purchases. Simply reply to this email with the names of the artists and keywords you most often track, and I’ll send you a regular email that will link you to relevant items currently going up for auction. You’ll stay current on major sales without the hassle of constantly monitoring the auctions. Heritage Auctions is the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer with over $650mm in annual sales. We also have over 120 specialists on staff, available to assist the archival community with formal appraisals in over 30 areas of expertise. My office deals specifically with the needs of Corporate and Institutional Collections. Please let me know how I can be of service. I can be reached directly (214-409-1279) or via email ([email protected]). Again, I encourage you to reply with your list of keywords so that you can have the immediate benefit of regular Wantlist results. Regards,

Jared Green Vice President, Corporate Art & ArchivesHeritage Auctions Galleries 3500 Maple Avenue Dallas Texas, 75219 Email :: [email protected] Office (Direct) :: 214-409-1279 Fax :: 214-409-1101 Dallas | New York | Beverly Hills | Paris | Geneva