Moving Domains

The summary:

The details: I am moving this blog from to  I first registered this domain name in 2006 when I was a junior in college and I wanted to play around with having my own server and my own domain name.  It changed names, changed formats, and changed purposes over the course of time.  I think I used it as three different kinds of wikis, multiple different kinds and topics of blogs, a Drupal instance, and an exercise in writing html by hand. But recently, I finally decided on a name and a purpose.  This is my place to talk, primarily, about archival matters and is my more or less professional page.  And while I’m happy with the name of the blog, the domain name is a remnant of when this was just a place for me to experiment.  And so, the final (hopefully) change of my ever changing blog will happen.  I like the name of the blog, Among Other Items, and have no plans on changing it; it follows that I should have the domain name match. The old domain will redirect to the new site for about a year and then I’m just going to let it expire. I think I thought of this possibility when I changed everything over to a Feedburner feed; if you subscribe to that or just come here via Twitter, then you probably won’t notice any differences.  I hope to take care of this tonight and have the new domain up and running by tomorrow.  Then, less talking about the mechanics of running a blog and more talking about issues.  As a teaser, I think I’m going to start doing a roundup of links that are of interest to me and possible to the rest of you.