Updating my changedetection.io container to use browserless version 2

browserless.io released a rewritten version of their platform in December, and being a foolhardy self-hoster I decided to try and get that working with my changedectection.io setup immediately. This is all hosted on my HP EliteDesk with a 9th gen intel processor I got off of ebay, and it also hosts my miniflux, plex, pihole, portainer, ladder, and home assistant. All of these are running in docker containers managed in Portainer, which has been great for just fiddling around with new containers.

changedetection.io ships with instructions on how to get v1 of browserless working with playwright to allow you to use a full browser to monitor websites for you. It is great, right now I have it running a search on the SEC’s full-text database for a certain string every day. But since v2 of browserless is out, I wanted to see if I could get it working!

When I did, it cut my total RAM usage in half, and now only spins up briefly when it is working.

The main changes from the v1 docker compose include:

So, without further ado, here is my full docker compose for <changedetection.io> working in docker with browserless v2. Enjoy!