American Tourists

This picture is a mannequin from a church in India, telling you that you’re not allowed to take pictures of anything in this area. I found it so funny that I took a picture of the mannequin anyways, and then got yelled at for taking pictures in the place where you’re not supposed to take… Continue reading American Tourists

Atomic tea

“Hey Eliot, do you want to go get some coffee?” “Sure, let me grab my moleskin, a black button down shirt, and ennui.” “Come on man, you want to go?” “Which place are we going to? You know I hate coffee.” “3Cups?” “Deal.” TW and Eliot walk out of their apartment, down the stairs, and… Continue reading Atomic tea

Quonset huts

“Hey man, what are we doing out here?” “You can’t go home again…” “What?” “I said ‘You can’t go home again.’” “I thought you hated that guy.” “Who?” “Thomas Wolfe. The guy you’re named after. Remember?” “I do hate him. His prose is overly descriptive and stilted. And it doesn’t help that I was forced… Continue reading Quonset huts


People climbing up the support wires to get on top of the crosswalk lights. This was the scene Monday night at the intersection of Franklin Street and Columbia Street in Chapel Hill, NC. The UNC men’s basketball team had just won the NCAA tournament, and around 40,000 people took to the streets to celebrate. After… Continue reading Craziness


Sometimes, globalization fractures my tiny mind.  When drinking my daily cup(s) of tea today, as well as other days, it really comes home to me.  Looking into my tin of tea, I realize that a couple of months ago a person in India or China (depending on which tea I’m drinking), who probably makes like… Continue reading Globalization

How-to: Basic informtaion to get a GoDaddy site working on a Ubuntu server

Here’s what I needed to do to get my custom domain name from GoDaddy working with this WordPress instance on an Ubuntu 9.04 server. After installing and setting up WordPress, which was mostly easy, I needed to get this custom domain name working as well. The first thing that I needed to do was to… Continue reading How-to: Basic informtaion to get a GoDaddy site working on a Ubuntu server

Lenoir in the Rain

This is the first in what is hopefully a series of writings about photographs that I take. They may be non-fiction or *gasp* I may even try to venture into the land of fiction. I’ve always been interested by short stories, so maaaaybe some of those will shope up. We shall see. Even if they… Continue reading Lenoir in the Rain