Archives and Open Content

(I originally wrote this a week ago, before this article was posted, but they dovetail well.) In the course of my work I did a brief survey of the copyright policies of some academic libraries and their archives, specifically focusing on websites and finding aids.  I found that most libraries and archives claim copyright over… Continue reading Archives and Open Content

Workflows and Archives

My systems analysis class, taught by the amazing Stephanie Haas, was all about workflows, both physical and technical.  This could be something as simple as the process for checking out at a supermarket or something technical like a system for managing all the aspects of a cohousing community, and all sorts of other matters.  Our… Continue reading Workflows and Archives

I Enjoy Archives Vendor Spam

I enjoy getting spam from archives vendors. I’m not really sure how they get my contact information (does SAA sell it or is it unknowingly harvested?), but its still enjoyable nonetheless.  Here is another one for your consideration: Dear Benjamin S. Bromley, Below is some quick information about how our complementary Wantlist program is helping… Continue reading I Enjoy Archives Vendor Spam

Why I Don’t Post to Archives & Archivists

There’s been a lot of talk about the use of the Archives and Archivists listserv, #thatdarnlist, and blogs rather than listservs as fora for discussion by SAA members.  I’m only going to address one small part of this larger debate: why I don’t post to the Archives and Archivists listserv. 1. Difficult to access: Although… Continue reading Why I Don’t Post to Archives & Archivists

Final master’s paper

I’m finally finished with my master’s paper!  The title ended up being “‘Finding What, You Know?’: A Content Analysis of the Websites of Archival Repositories for Markers of Archival Intelligence.”  Here’s the abstract if anyone wants to read it; it will be available online from the SILS website sometime over the summer.  I’ll link to… Continue reading Final master’s paper

Archives vendor spreads fear, uncertainty, and doubt about free software

For those of you who don’t know, I am a member of the free/open source software community.  I have used versions of Linux on my personal computer for four years now.  I run this server and this installation of WordPress on a Debian GNU/Linux installation on a computer that sits in my living room.  I… Continue reading Archives vendor spreads fear, uncertainty, and doubt about free software

Appropriating the word “archive”

Gmail uses the word “archive” to describe the action of moving mail out of your inbox and into the “All Mail” folder.  Barnes and Noble, on their new nook ebook reader, uses the word “archive” to actually mean delete!  When you click on the “Archive” button, it deletes the file off of your nook, although… Continue reading Appropriating the word “archive”