Moving Domains

The summary: If you subscribe using my Feedburner feed, this won’t affect you at all. If you just pop through on Twitter, this won’t affect you at all. If you subscribe to some sort of other feed, subscribe to the Feedburner feed instead. If you have this blog bookmarked, update your bookmarks to The… Continue reading Moving Domains

Master’s paper update

I’m chugging along on my master’s paper, which is due three weeks from today.  I am finishing up the data collection as we speak, and I want to have a draft finished by next Monday.  What I’ve found so far is that there is a decent amount of archival intelligence material on these websites; however,… Continue reading Master’s paper update

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Browser ennui

I’ve had a problem deciding what web browser I should be using.  I’ve been using Firefox for a long time, but for some reason the current versions on Ubuntu like to freeze a lot, causing me to have to force quit and then start it up again.  Its also kinda slow, both in opening the… Continue reading Browser ennui


Crowdsurfing, to me, is the most selfish thing someone can do at a concert.  You are making a lot of people, who are there to enjoy the music, hold you up while you float on top of a sea of bodies.  You’re ruining the experience of the people who are holding you up.  If I… Continue reading Crowdsurfing

Education, the American South, and Strangers with Cameras

[Note: This post was crossposted from my Daily Kos account.  Its similar to an earlier post I did, called Stranger With A Camera, but has a more political bent than the anthropological bent of the first post.] Recently, there has been a lot of talk of how the Republicans have become a southern, regional party,… Continue reading Education, the American South, and Strangers with Cameras

I-40 craziness in Greensboro

I’m a transit nerd.  I like learning about roads, bridges, highways, trains, neighborhoods, and all sorts of elements of history of cities.  In Greensboro, there is a part of I-40 that is just ridiculous.  I-40, along with I-85, used to go through downtown Greensboro, through a section that they call Death Valley.  They decided to… Continue reading I-40 craziness in Greensboro