Colonille black tea

Today I’m trying a new kind of tea, Colonille black tea which is made by serendipiTea.  I usually don’t really like black teas, and recently I think I figured out why.  Its the same reason I don’t like coffee: I think that its the fact that both of these drinks are roasted before you brew… Continue reading Colonille black tea


Sometimes, globalization fractures my tiny mind.  When drinking my daily cup(s) of tea today, as well as other days, it really comes home to me.  Looking into my tin of tea, I realize that a couple of months ago a person in India or China (depending on which tea I’m drinking), who probably makes like… Continue reading Globalization

Mill Mountain Coffee

Christi and I went to Mill Mountain Coffee yesterday, which is a local chain of coffee shops in the Roanoke/New River Valley area.  The tea experience that I had at the one in Blacksburg was interesting.  They had a wide selection of tea, including white tea.  However, when I asked what kind of white tea… Continue reading Mill Mountain Coffee