Things I might have tweeted, part 6: digitizing oral histories #marac

Jennifer Synder, AAA Uses Sound Directions from IU. Pet peeve of mine: gold “archival” cds. They are no more reliable than regular cds, cost more, and give you a false sense of security. If you need cds, for whatever reason, just use regular cds. Vendor continuity and relationships are important in succesful large scale digitization […]

Things I might have tweeted, part 5: Rights, reproductions, and reality #marac

Sorry that I didn’t post from the last session yesterday, my phone died. But I may post a real blog entry about it later. Anyways, here us Rights, Reproductions, and Reality. A google group about this topic: marac rights and reproductions. The panel wants a discussion forum for when we aren’t at marac. Roundtable format, […]

Things I might have tweeted, part 4: new developments in describing av materials #marac

Jane Otto, Rutgers: Av description in a digital repository. New Jersey Digital Highway is the digital repository for all of nj.OpenWMS is the platform that they use. Web based source. Uses the METS metadata schema. Descriptive metadata is MODS, which is MARC-lite, but extended by the institution. Build content by targeting faculty whose products […]

Things I might have tweeted, part 3: New tools to address electronic records challenges #marac

Peter Bajcsy, National Cenyer for Supercomputing Applications: What do you do if you come accross an unsupported file format? Move the file, get a new format from the creator, or buy the software. Presidential erecords: reagan, 200k, clinton, 33 million, gwb, 300 million. Almost 80k different file name extensions. We need to figure how to […]

Things I might have tweeted, part 2: Rand Jimerson at #marac

The plenary speaker for MARAC is Rand Jimerson, suthor of Archives Power. Here is what I might have tweeted: Students from the University of Kentucky are at my table. They like what marac doea more than their own organization. Archival Ethics and the Call for Justice is the title of Rand’s talk. Justice requires resistance […]